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A Cheap And Sturdy Work Bench
For About $20

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2x4's are cut to length. Side frames are built and then joined with end rails. OSB is fastened to the top and the lower shelf.

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Skill Level: 2 (Basic) Time Taken: About 2 Hours

By Bruce W. Maki, Editor

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The overall dimensions of the work bench frame.

I made the bench 26" deep, only because I had scraps of OSB around that size. If I had used a new sheet, I would have made this bench 24"deep.

Dimensions of simple workbench made from 2x4's and OSB.


The materials used for this project:
  • 2x4's
  • OSB
  • Deck Screws


Cutting The Pieces:

  • 1. Side Rails, 45" long, (3" shorter than bench's overall length). (4 pieces)
  • 2. Legs, about 32" long. (4 pieces)
  • 3. End Rails, 26" long (or as long as the short dimension of the workbench). (4 pieces)
  • OSB, 2 pieces, 26" x 48"


Side Assembly:

The lower rail is positioned 6" away from the ends of the legs.

The joints are screwed together, 4 screws each, and the side frame is "squared up" in the process.


Frame Assembly:

The end rails are attached to the side frames.

The two sides are turned over and positioned for clamping and joining.


Note the way the corners are joined. I used 3" deck screws in most places.
The shelves were attached with 1-5/8" deck screws.


Installing The Lower Shelf:

Rectangular notches, about 3" x 5", were cut to allow the lower shelf to fit around the legs.
The shelf was angled to get it in place. Then it was attached with short deck screws.


That's all there is to this project.

See a much more detailed version of this article with more photos.


On a similar work bench I have installed two electrical outlets. View that article.



Tools Used:

  • Circular Saw
  • Cordless Drill/Driver
  • Hammer, Tape Measure
  • 4' Level or Chalk Line
  • Jig Saw (or Hand Saw)
  • Power Miter Saw (optional)

Materials Used:

  • Lumber, 2x4x8', (Qty: 5)
  • OSB, About ½ Sheet
  • Deck Screws, 3", 1-5/8"


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